Brief introduction

Service and counseling center

We advise teachers, other educators and social workers, parents and anyone else who is or wants to become active in addiction prevention.

We promote the exchange of expertise and provide cooperation partners.

We work closely with the ministries, the Brandenburg State Office for Addiction Issues and other important institutions (police, health insurance companies and associations and initiatives in the areas of schools, youth work, healthcare, training facilities, companies, etc.).

Further education

We organize skills training and workshops for multipliers from all areas, and our employees are available as speakers on a wide range of addiction prevention topics.

Regionale Koordinierungs- und Vernetzungsstelle für Suchtprävention

We are actively involved in numerous youth work and health care committees in order to strengthen networking in addiction prevention and represent the field and the concerns of addiction prevention vis-à-vis administration and politics.

Concept development and project work

We advise on the development of concepts and projects for addiction prevention, support the planning and evaluation of measures and programs, and initiate and support local addiction prevention measures and programs.