Brief introduction

Everything too much?

Do you need help or just someone to talk to?

Don't know what to do next?

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You'll find us:

Haus der Jugend in BabelsbergSchulstr. 9, 14482 Potsdam.


Phone: 0331 - 581.3205

Who are we?

The specialist centre for mental health aims to support young people in their development with a particular focus on mental health.

They are exposed to developmental stresses. For some, dealing with this is easy, for others it is particularly challenging. While medical help is more likely to be sought with a clear physical symptom, the barriers to support for mental health issues often seem greater.

We offer help in the area of mental health and support children, adolescents and young adults, their relatives, friends and multipliers in specific crisis and stressful situations.

In addition to individual counselling, our services also include crisis intervention and referral to other support services.

We work according to the principle of an accepting approach. This means that we accept the reality of young people's lives in an unbiased and value-neutral way. We assume that people are self-determined and can make their own decisions for themselves and their health.

This means that if you have problems or just want to talk, come and see us!